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Autumnal Feelings

Hello everybody, I am here today with a very casual post about my favourite season (except Christmas, obviously). This year, we've had to wait for the autumn perhaps a bit longer than usual, but it's now in a full swing. And so I want to celebrate that it's come with all its glory and freshness I love so much about it. The thing about autumn is that it feels like new possibilites are coming to view, everything suddenly seems so pleasurable and beautiful. To me, it never felt like the nature was dying. On the contrary, it feels so fresh and new every year. It's like the nature is purging the old in order to make room for the new and exciting. The air smells deliciously, which makes the cloud that usually settles in my mind during summer, slowly dissipate. And then new ideas come to mind and that makes me so excited and happy to be alive in this world. Autumn is such a blessing for people like me, who like reading, baking, being at home, watching movies and listening to…

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