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Contemporary-a-Thon TBR

Happy Friday to everyone, I am here today to share with you my TBR pile for the upcoming Contemporary-a-Thon that takes place during the last week of September (23rd - 29th). I participated in the last one back in February, and it was fun, so I decided to do it again. I hope I'll have asomewhat laid-back week so I can truly immerse myself in the reading, but I'll try to make the best of it regardless. As always, I'll post my reading updates here on my blog for those of you, who are interested. If you are also participating, let me know where I can watch your reading progress. I'm sure I'll be back with some other posts before the readathon starts, but if not, I wish you a happy reading...

1. Read a 2019 release
2. Read a contemporary with yellow on the cover
3. Read a diverse contemporary
4. Read a contemporary with an illustrated cover
5. Read a dark/hard-hitting contemporary
6. Read a contemporary with plants on the cover
7. Read a contemporary beloved …

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