Wednesday, 24 August 2016

“A bookshelf is a biography written by others.”

I've got yet another bookshelf. Again. I would like to say that this one is the last one but that would probably be a lie. Because ultimately, the number of books always exceeds the space they are granted - as Alberto Manguel once said truthfully... The reason why I needed a new bookshelf is that I am moving from London back to Brno, and therefore I need a home for 115kg of books. Isn't it crazy? I mean, I am crazy. How could I possibly gathered such an amount of books during one year? Well, I guess the fact I was working as a bookseller didn't really help. But to tell the truth, I do not regret the purchase of a single book. Because if I am supposed to live in the Czech Republic for the rest of my life (and I very much wish for that), I obviously need a lot of English books to stockpile as it is quite complicated to obtain them here. Anyways, my daddy had finished work on my new bookshelf this afternoon, and I just put there the last book. It is quite late now, and my room is getting really dark at this hour. But I quickly took some pictures of it that I am now going to share with you. Enjoy!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Jane Austen Book Haul

Since I've begun to read Jane Austen's novels I've become completely obsessed with her. Consequently, I've started to collect all books that are somehow connected with her. Last October I made a whole post about my Jane Austen Collection which you can find right here. But since then I've gathered some other books that I would like to share with you so here I am with my Jane Austen Book Haul.

Firstly, I completed my collection of Jane Austen's novels published by Penguin Clothbound Classics which I love entirely. They are just so beautiful and delicate that I can't get enough of them. Then I also bought a whole set in paperbacks by Vintage Classics because I adore their simple but sophisticated covers. Plus they are likeable small and therefore really handy.

I also bought some funny collectable things like Jane Austen Colouring Book or a little book called On Love & Romance that contains some of the best quotations of Jane Austen. And along with loads of Jane Austen fanfictions, I finaly managed to get my favourite film adaptation of Jane Austen which is Northanger Abbey.

Even though Jane Austen has become a cult and her works are acclaimed by many authors and readers, I think that there is still a big gap regarding blog posts about her. And that I would like to change. I want to write about her a little bit more on my blog and link novels of hers with my everyday life. I hope we could create a long and neverending discussion about her books on my blog and have fun with it...

Friday, 19 August 2016

Between the Lines

Author: Jodi Picoult & Samantha Van Leer
Publisher: 2013
Publishing date: Hodder & Stoughton
Pages: 353

"When she wanted to escape her life, she read books."

Delilah goes to high school and has only one friend. She dreams about being popular, and wants someone who could understand her. One day she finds beautifully bound book with purple cover and gold lettering in a school library. It tells story about a handsome prince who lost his father when he was just a baby, and when he grows up, he's going to confront with his fears. Delilah couldn't explain why, but she is somehow captivated by the story, and she won't put it down. She reads it again and again untill the prince starts to speak to her...

"The act of reading is a partnership.
The author builds a house, but the reader makes it a home."

I am a big fan of Jodi Picoult. I mean, who isn't, right. So obviously, I was really curious about this book which she had written along with her daughter. And I wasn't dissapointed at all. I loved the story very much. The whole idea about a prince trapped in a book, talking to a reader, was just so cool. I couldn't even stop reading. It was beautifully written, romantic, imaginative and really funny. I also adored illustrations that replenished the story. They made it much more unique and amusing. I would highly recommend this book to you in case you like Young Adult literature with a little something different in it...

Ratings: 5/5

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Currently Reading TAG

1. How many books do you read at the same time?
It varies all the time. I used to be the person who read just one book at a time, but I can't do that anymore. Because sometimes I come over a book that just isn't right for that moment, and if I would try to read it till the end anyway, I would probably get stuck in a reading slump. So I rather pick up another book, and after a while I get back to the first one...

2. If you read more than one book at a time, how do you decide when to switch between them?
I usually decide what to read according to my mood at the moment. But sometimes it also depends on other extrenal influences. For example, if I am going to read outside, I rather pick up a paperback than hardback...

3. Are you switching bookmarks underway for a book?
No, I don't do that. I have so many bookmarks that there's no need for it. Habitually, I choose a bookmark that fits to a book, and put it into it before I even start to read. So I usually have as many bookmarks in use as many books I read at a time...

4. Where do you keep books that you are reading currently?
Either on the table beside my bed or in a bookshelf in front of the row of a books. That way I can see whether the pile isn't growing too high. So I can focus on finishing all the books before picking up another one...

5. What time a day do you usually read?
It depends if I am at work or at home. During the week days, I usually read in the morning on my way to work, during the lunch break, and sometimes also on my way back home. And when I have a day off, I read whenever during the whole day. But ironically, I usually read more during the week because it's easier to concentrate for it. When I am at home, I have loads of other things to do that keep me from it...

6. How long do you typically read a book at a time?
I can easily get distracted, so I can't say that I usually read like one hour or so. When I am lucky enough, I read half an hour straight. But more typically, I read one or two chapters before getting up to go to hang clothes up to dry or something...

7. Do you read bound books with or without dust jacket?
I found reading a book with a dust jacket really annoying because it always slides away and it doesn't feel nice on my fingers (especially the shiny one). So I usually take it off even though it means that the book looks plain during the reading...

8. In what position do you read most of the time?
If I am not in the park or in a café, I always read lying on my back with lots of pillows stuff under my head. Also, I can't read without a blanket because I always end up shivering with cold...

9. Do you take reading material with yourself when you are heading out?

10. How often do you update your status on Goodreads while reading a book?
Well, I don't really do that when I am reading a book. I am happy enough if I can remember to put there the books I've read already. But I try to keep up on the Instagram...

Monday, 15 August 2016

Bridge to Terabithia

Author: Katherine Paterson
Illustrations: Peter Roberts
Publisher: Puffin Books
Publishing date: 2015
Pages: 178

Jess Arons comes from a poor family full of children, but since he is the only boy, every work is based on him. His only pleasure is drawing but it doesn't make him any popular either at school or at home. His chance to experience a victory is only in running races. Jess is training all summer to improve himself, and when the time comes up, he is more than ready. But then he is defeated by Leslie Burke - a new girl that moved to the house next to his family's. They become friends when they find out how many things they have in common and are inseparable ever since. They create an imaginary kingdom in a forrest across a dry river that they name Terabithia. There they find refuge when things in a real life goes wrong and they don't want to see anybody but each other...

"It's like the smarter you are,
the more things can scare you."

Bridge to Terabithia is one of the books I had always wanted to read but never really had a chance. This book is unavailable in the Czech Republic, and you can only find it in a library, as it always has been with books I have ever fancied. Hence this book was one of the reasons why I have started to read in English, and I can tell you that story of Jess and Leslie is really worth it. It is actually quite a short book but this fact doesn't detract from its beauty. It tells story about one beautiful friendship and the power of it that has the ability of keeping it alive even when things change. It is also about family and the importance of it. And last but not least it's about life itself. It is very unique and meaningful story that I would recommend to everybody for it is highly inspirational.

Ratings: 5/5

Friday, 29 July 2016


Hi everyone,
hope you're doing well. I've finally managed to start to read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. And I love it from the first page. Her stories are just so sweet and lovely. They always help to rise my spirits. I just would like to make a cup of tea for myself, and then read all day long instead of being at work. Fortunatelly, I am going to have a couple of days off soon. And I just can't wait to catch up on reading a little bit... What are you guys reading at the moment?

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Along For the Ride

Author: Sarah Dessen
Publisher: Penguin Books
Publishing date: 2010
Pages: 448

Auden is a hard worker. She has been studying a lot since her parents had divorced, and she practicaly doesn't have a time for anything else. She feels like she's missing something but seeing her mother unable to have a healthy relationship and her dad escaping from all the responsibilities, she doesn't know what to do. But then her brother who's traveling around the world sends her a picture of him in a frame with sign that says: "The Best of Times", and she spontaneously decides to spend her last summer before college in a beach town with her dad and his new family. And that brings her an unique chance to meet new friends and catch up on things she's been avoiding ever since. And one of those may be falling in love...

"It was so easy to disown what you couldn't recognize, to keep yourself apart from things that were foreign and unsettling. The only person you can be sure to control, always, is yourself. Which is a lot to be sure of, but at the same time, not enough."

This year summer season is just so weird. I feel like I am kind of missing it. It's either rainy or windy all the time. And when the sun is finaly shining I am always at work dealing with questions from tourists. So I am not going to tell lies to you about being optimistic. To tell the truth I don't really like this summer and am somehow looking forward to its end. But then again, summer is my favourite season and I don't want to spoil it for myself just because the circumstances aren't the best. Luckily enough I'll always have Sarah Dessen and her fabulous books which I love endlessly. And like that I can at least experience quintessential summer adventures in her stories...

"Because if you were the problem, chances were you could also be the solution. The only way to find out was to take another shot."

Along for the Ride is a book about second chances, or third, or whatever time it takes to make things right because it's never too late to at least try to do that. And I so like this idea because it means that you actually can be the one who decides what's going to happen next. And it just sounds so much better than waiting for it. Sarah Dessen's books always make me think about things and try to understand them a little bit more. I like that her books center the relationship issues as well as family. Her stories are like safe haven to me. I can read them when I want to be alone but being alone is the least thing I can bear, if you know what I mean...

Ratings: 5/5

Friday, 22 July 2016


Hi everyone,
hope you're all doing well. We are having an incredibly hot weather in London in these days, and it's really difficult to do pretty much anything because of that. I was absolutely exhausted on my way home the other day, and my hands were sweating since there was practicly no air in the bus so it wasn't possible to pull out a book from my purse. But the way to my home takes usually about one hour which is quite a long time to waste so I pull out my phone, instead, and found an e-book in it that I almost forgot about. I purchased it about a year ago and since then I just haven't had an opportunity to read it. Untill now. I am telling you, no matter how cheesy the cover of The Distance Between Us by Kasie West is, the story is just so terrific. And it's also amazingly written. Definitely recommend this book to you if you haven't read it yet. Love it. It's just dashing... Don't forget to tell me what are you reading currently. And have a really nice weekend.

PS: Please note that I had to activate a use of monitoring of the comments recently. It means that I need to see the comment first before it's gonna be published. You don't have to be afraid to write me anything, though. I just want to distinguish your comment from spams which there had been an enormous amount of them lately. And it had stopped being bearable at some point. I hope you understand...

Monday, 11 July 2016

By the Book (Q & A)

1. What book is on your nightstand now?
I always have a couple of more than one book on my nightstand for I usually read more than one book at the same time. I am reading Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer currently so you would find this one at the top of the stack. Then there is Breakfast at Darcy's by Ali McNamara which I need to write a review for. At the bottom of the pile is Unbecoming by Jenny Downham which I haven't finished yet. And then I also keep a book of poetry by Emily Dickinson beside my bed because I like to read her poems before go to sleep sometimes...

2. What was the last truly great book you read?
That would be I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. Splendidly written, touching and compeling story about one crumbling but beautiful castle and the family that live in there...

3. If you could meet any writer – dead or alive – who would it be? And what would you want to know?
I was just watching a movie Miss Potter yesterday, and it was so beautiful and heartbreaking and fascinating. I think that Beatrix Potter had been wonderful person, and I admire her work utterly. It would be thrilling to have a chance to spend even a little moment in her presence and listen to her. I wouldn't want to know anything in particular, though. I guess I would just like to see what she saw and do what she did for a little while. That would be amazing experience, I think...

4. Do you have a favourie childhood literary character or hero?
Now I don't really have a character that I used to like when I was a little since I've become a reader later then. But I discovered Anne of Green Gables recently and since then I absolutely grew fond of her. So she is now definitely my most favourite character of children's literature...

5. What books are on your coffee table?
On my coffe table, I usually keep books that I am going to read next as well as magazines I've bought recently. Then some photographic publications along with cook books for drawing inspiration. For now, there is a gorgeous book called Places to Go People to See by Kate Spade and the last issue of UK Harper's Bazaar with Emilia Clarke on the cover (still need to go to see Me Before You).

6. What are your most cherished books, and where do you keep them?
My most cherished books are the ones published by Penguin Clothbound Classics which I keep neat and together in one of the cube of my bookshelf. It's just so pleasant to look at them. I love their delicate design and colorful covers. They are surely the most precious and beautiful books I have in my collection...

7. What's the best love story you've ever read?
Well now, I love love stories and I could name plenty of really great ones I've thoroughly enjoyed. But just one occurred to me when I read this question, and that is One Day by David Nichols. I've read this book more than three years ago but I still remember it very clearly. And whenever I think about the story (which is quite often), I have the same feelings I've experienced while reading it. I don't know. This story about Dexter and Emma (see, I can even remember the names of the main protagonists which I usually forget the next week after reading some book) really strucks the deepest place within my heart. One Day is definitely the most romantic book I've ever read, and still it's not cheesy but unique and so real. I would recommend this book to everyone for it's about life and everything that goes with it. Now I am thinking about that, I really need to re-read this book soon...

8. Which do you prefer, traveling or reading travel books?
I love to travel and I like adventures but just in reasonable quantities. There are places I fell in love with and places which I want to visit again, and there are places I'd love to visit for the first time, also. But there are even some places I lack a required courage to go and visit them. So I would definitely say that I prefer to travel through books. It's so much easier. I mean, you don't have to worry about money and food and accommodation or even about weather. And what is the most important thing, you don't have to find the perfect company to travel with which is not an easy task to do. The older I am getting the more I am content to stay at home for real comfort and do nothing than read...

9. What book changed your life?
I think that every single book I've ever read has had some effect on me. It's just like people you meet during your life. Some of them will stay and some of them would leave but all of them teach you something. It could be but small thing and yet it can help you in the future a lot. I might not have one book in particular that changed my life completely but all of the books I've read contributed to my development. I can't even imagine where I would be now if I wouldn't have them...

10. What do you plan to read next?
Well, I don't know really. Because I am one of those people who always change their minds. So I will probably see what I will be in a mood for. But I would like to read Middlemarch by George Eliot soon. So let's hope that I'll finaly manage to start that one...

PS: I used questions from the title By the Book: Writers on Literature and Literary Life from The New York Times Book Reviews.

Friday, 8 July 2016


Hello my friends,
after quite a long time, I am here again. It's really hard to keep this blog posted in these days. Living in London is just so exhausting. I feel like I am always at work or asleep. Because that's basicly everything I have a time for. And because of that I am kind of depressed. The only thing that keeps me alive is a vision of my holiday in August. I dream about sleeping in my room, reading in the garden and hanging out with my parents. Fortunately, looking forward to things is half the pleasure of them, like once Anne of Green Gables had said. So I guess that I am really lucky for I have something to look forward to in the near future. Anyways, I am going to have a couple of days off pretty soon, and I will be reading Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer which seems to be a perfect story for escaping from the reality. Hope you guys are having a beautiful Summer. And don't forget to tell me what are you reading currently...

Monday, 27 June 2016

everyday post| Unwind

I had been pretty stressed out couple of weeks ago, and it was kind of hard to find a pleasure in anything - so to say. But then I had had a chance to go home for a few days and that helped me a lot, even though the circumstances that brought me there weren't happy at all. But then again, that's what life is about, I suppose. I just need to get used to deal with it. Anyways, things are just fine now, and I am currently reading an absolutely amazing book Breakfast at Darcy's by Ali McNamara that keeps me in a good mood. It's about a girl called Darcy who works in a women magazine in London but then her aunt dies and Darcy's suddenly about to inherit an island off the west coast of Ireland from her on a condition that she will live there for one whole year. And that's when things start to happen... I will bring a book review to you, guys, pretty soon. So stay tuned. And till then, you can see some pictures I captured during my little holiday...