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Hello dear readers, I hope you're doing well. I'm here today with a few pictures capturing the atmosphere around my home library during the past days. It's very disturbing to look out the window and see people pasing with masks covering their faces, but with the walls of our house very little has changed since the world was taken by the virus. Never have I ever been more grateful for our spacious rooms and garden as spending time in them doesn't feel like lockdown whatsoever. My heart goes to all of the people who have been impacted the most by the disease, but I'm very hopefull that everything will be allright eventually. In the meantime, we just have to be there for each other and make the most of our current circumstances... As well as everybody else, I've been filling my days mostly by reading and listening to audiobooks (I have also started sharing more pictures on my instagram account, so if you're interested, you can follow me there for more updates…

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