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The Autumn Book TAG

Hello everyone,
today I'm here with another tag. I thought it would be really fun to do in order to celebrate my favourite season. I searched the internet for some autumn book tags and found this one on The Quirky Book Nerd blog. Although I changed some of the questions a little bit, the core of the tag remains the same. If you want to answer these questions too, by all means consider yourself tagged by me. But don't forget to leave the link to your blog post in the comment section, so I can read your answers. But without further ado, let's just take a moment to gush about the awesomeness of the upcoming season...
1. What is your favourite thing about autumn?
Absolutely everything. I love the sense of freshness that always floods my system after the unbeareble heat of summer. The air is clean and crisp. My body feels lighter and my mind is keen. I can finally dive into all of my favourite passtimes, such as baking and drawing, reading and watching movies. Basically doing eve…

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