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A Jane Austen Christmas

Author: Carlo DeVito
Publisher: Cider Mill Press Book Publishers
Publishing date: 2015
Pages: 188

Today marks a birth of Jane Austen, one of the most influential and inspirational female authors, whose works keep her alive in hearts of all her devotees. She would be 242 years old today, which makes me marvel about her power as a writer. Two centuries and a half passed by, and she's still being published in various new editions, which celebrate her wit and fitting observations along with her thrilling storytelling, all wrapped up in her beautifull writing style. 
She's one of my all time favourite authors. I love all of her novels very dearly and a day seldomly goes by without me having mentioned her in some conversation or other with my family or friends. I can relate to her works in such a way that she seems like a friend to me. And whenever in doubt or trouble, I always remember her and seek help and refuge in her books. After reading her novels repeatedly, though, I've sta…

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