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Movies for Book Lovers

As the days are becoming shorter and the evenings darker, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite movies that are somehow connected with books. I am sure you will be familiar with most of them, but I still hope this post will bring you some inspiration. I would be delighted if you'd share some of your favourites with me in the comment section down below...
Bright Star
This is a beautifully produced movie about John Keats and his love to Fanny Brawne. It's a very picturesque and poetic rendering of their love story. Its moody atmosphere is also perfect for this time of the year. Seeing this movie makes me want to read poetry and wander through woods for long hours...
I still remember my first time seeing this movie when I was about the same age as Matilda herself. I was completely mesmerized by her skills to make such perfectly round and deliciously looking pancakes. And I always envied her the enjoyment she had for reading. By that time I couldn't devot…

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