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Autumn Book Recommendation| The Lantern's Ember

Happy Friday dear readers, today I m here with an Autumn book recommendation for you. It's probably no surprise to you all that I love Colleen Houck's writing. This past summer I have re-read the first two books in her Tiger Saga and then read the rest of the books in the series. I was incredible surprised by how everything intertwined in the end. I've never read anything like that before. If you're a fan of this series too, but haven't read the finall book The Tiger's Dream yet, definitely do. It changes everything. But back to today's blog post, which is dedicated to another amazing book of hers. It's called The Lanter's Ember and it tells a story loosely based on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I actually read it last October, and I couln't have wished for a better book to set the coveted Halloween vibe.
"Chapped rats and bats' wings, brandied worms and adders' stings, Goat's wool and owl's hoot, fish's tongue and dog&#…

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