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Learning German

There's always a time when being a reader just isn't enough for me. I read to fill my soul with stories but I also read for my love of words and languages in general. It was through books that I learned English. And it was through books that I've realized I want to learn German too. It started three years ago when I read this beautiful book Wait for Me by Caroline Leech. One of the main characters was German and when he spoke the language I could almost hear him. He became so real to me and I found myself utterly fascinated by him. I promised myself back then that I would learn German one day. And after I re-read one of my all time series - Edelstein Trilogy by Kerstin Gier - at the beginning of this month, I suddenly knew that this was the right time to hold up to the promise. I went ahead and bought the series in the original language, because learning by reading is the only way that works for me. Also, this gorgeous tenth anniversary edition provides the best motivatio…

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