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Pride & Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen
Illustrations: Anna and Elena Balbusso
Publisher: Folio Society
Publishing date: 2013
Pages: 335

Pride and Prejudice is without a doubt the best known and loved book by Jane Austen, but the characters themselves are probably the most famous in the whole literature. Some people claim to love them, others swear they can't stand them. Whatever the case, though, everybody knows them. And that alone is a wish of all writers, I should think. Having created characters, that are discussed all over the world ascross centuries with such passion and diversity in opinions, is certainly what makes such a phenomenon of Jane Austen...

Her study of a human character is definitely what draws me to her work the most. I find the way her characters act and the things they say still relevant to this day. Which makes me realize that no matter how many things have changed since her novels were published, the essential truth is that we still live in the same world as Jane Austen herself. W…

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