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Original title: Under Glass Author: Sam Marsden Translator: Lenka Landová Publisher: Fragment Publishing date: 2021 Pages: 272 In this thrilling debut novel by Sam Marsden we get to witness what it means to live in a seemingly perfect world under the glass dome on Mars. The story sets off when the brother of our main character is sentenced to death in order to maintain the perfection of the society as a whole. In this world it is believed that the good of the society should be put above the good of an individual. That's why Eva's brother has to sacrife himself when his sickness prevents him from being beneficial to the comunity. Which is precisely the moment that forcess Eva to question the ways of the world she lives in. Slowly she starts to recognize all the wrong things with the society that her mother spent building over the last decade. But will she find the inner strenght required to oppose her mother and her drastic regime? I read this book within one day because it was

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