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Recommending Two Books by Kasie West

Hello dear readers,
have you tought that I was not going back? Because I haven't been sure myself, to be perfectly honest. I've been kind of struggling with the idea of leaving this blog for more than a year, but I can't seem to be able to abandon it altogether. So I am just leaving the matter open for now. I certainly have many things to write about, it's just the determination to actually sit down and work on them that I am sometimes lacking. Anyway, I decided to ease my way back to blogging after almost two month break by writing about two books by Kasie West, which I have devoured recently. I actually listened to the audio versions when I was lying sick and too tired to read for myself, but bought physical copies too, because I am undoubtedly going to re-read them soon. After reading four of her books, Kasie West has become one of my all time favourite contemporary authors. Her books are simply amazing, and the best thing is that I can always rely on them when being…

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