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Hope It Never Ends

I've been painting the wood for my new library two weeks in a row now, and when I thought I could paint no more, Taylor Swift came up with her new CD, Lover, and infused me with new energy to work. I've been listening to her songs nonstop since Friday and I am in love. I already have a favourite, too. Track nine, called "Cornelia Street", has got to be my absolute favourite from all of her albums so far. It feels like a continuation of her song "Dress" from the Reputation album. I love how her songs are all entertwined. Listening to her music feels like reading a book. She does something very unique with her songs and I am so here for it. Also, I am like super excited for her rerecording her previous albums anew. I've been thinking how awesome it would be to listen to her older stuff but with her current voice. And now the dream is becoming true. It's just all so very thrilling...

Here are some moments from around the house I captured during these …

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