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A Traveller in Time

Author: Alison Uttley
Publisher: Folio Society
Publishing date: 2012
Pages: 214

Penelope Taberner is a lonely girl with wild imagination, who likes to travel and experience world through books. Weird things sometimes happen to her, and shortly after she is sent to live with her aunt in the countryside, she discovers her ability to travel in time. She reveals secrets about the great old house and its inhabitants in her ancestor's time. She soon finds herself tangled in the history, as she starts to care for the people in the old days, but realises that she has to go back to her time all the same...
I've learned about this book from the Folio Society page, and to tell the truth, I actually bought it for its beautiful cover that is so typical for this publishing house. Every book of theirs is a piece of art. But you can trust their choice of books as far as the content goes too. They publish the best of each genre and make the books to excel at their looks in order to adorn every bo…

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