Five things

Our backyard is full of wonderfully smelling lavender and I've been making dried bunches from it every year.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series by Ann Brashares. Perfect books for these days...

Beautiful sunflower in our garden...

I'm just incredibly happy that I found a DVD with the film based on my all time favorite book...

Since I watched the movie I want to read the book even more. Hopefully I will get into it soon...


  1. Ta první fotka levandulí a paperbacky jsou nádherné :)

  2. Nádherná pastva pro oči. Přesně proto zbožňuju Five things. :)

  3. První fotka je naprosto dokonalá. Jsi pro mě inspirací v tom, jak fotíš už tak dlouho. :-)


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