Wednesday, 19 August 2015

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A few of my inspirational books.
I have been promising to you a post capturing my work area. And here is it. This is the space where all the magic is happen. I mean the place where I think about everything linked with my blog. I write book reviews and every another article here. I work on the photographs of mine here too. And I also read here. Then I listen to my favorite songs and watch the movies, drink coffee/tea and eat cookies. And sometimes I just sit down and look out of the window, looking for a new inspiration...

A pink rose from our garden.
Flipping through a magazine / Drinking coffee / Eating a cake
I always need a cup of tea and some homemade cookies by my side...
This coloring book The Secret Garden by Johanna Basford is great for a little bit of relax...
The left side of my bureau.
I love these paintings by Monet. And these small reproductions I cut of from some calendar...
More coffe-table-books for inspiration.
Succulent as a little touch of nature.
Frozen Letter kit.

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