Hello everyone,
today I am here with something quite new. I guess you probably noticed that I've eventually stopped making Five Things. I don't know exactly why but the whole concept seemes to be worn-out. But I kind of miss the periodic Friday posts so I've decided to post the book I am currently reading every Friday. There's lots of posts and videos called "Friday Reads" to find on the Instagram, YouTube or Blogger. And because I really like the idea about sharing what is everyone reading I am very glad to join this project, too. So for today's read I have a book called It's Not Me It's You by Mhairi McFarlane which is a very funny and unique chick-lit novel. I've decided to read it because everyone praises this book and I've also read some very persuasive book-reviews about it. I am just at the very beginning but I am already enjoying this book very well and I am super looking forward to the developing of the story...