Is it another Friday yet? Gosh, I can't believe how fast the time is running. We are almost in the middle of February. Never mind, at least the Spring is approaching. I am longing for those days when I could sit and read outside. I can't wait to go to a park with a book. I guess that it'll help me to see London in a completely different light. And I am really looking forward to it... Anyway, this Friday I am reading my favourite Jane Austen's novel which is Sense and Sensibility. Tell me, what is your favourite Jane Austen novel, and what are you reading at the moment...


  1. Taky se těším, až si budu moct číst venku. :)

    (S)měj se. :)

  2. Dvě fotky a tolik krásy :) A ten hrníček, ach.
    Přeji krásný pátek a klidný víkend!


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