Hello my lovely readers,
after three weeks, I am back with Friday Reads. I hadn't had a time to read and prepare posts for my blog in the past weeks since my parents were visiting me. Besides I was preoccupied with concerns regarding moving into a new flat. You wouldn't believe how many books I've heaped up since I've moved to London. But my parents helped me to move my stuff whilst I was at work. And now I have a nice and peaceful place to live, where I can come after work and take a rest, listen to a music, read poetry or just sit by the window and look at the street below... 
I've arranged my own independent life in London, and I absolutely love it. It wouldn't be possible, though, without help of my dearest folk and people I've met here at work. I feel really lucky for everything that has happened since November. Well, of course there were many hard moments and even more obstacles but everything has turned okay eventually for which I feel extremely grateful...
Anyway, this weekend I am going to read Essays in Love by Alain de Botton that I bought in our bookshop. I've already read a few essays, and since I've really enjoyed them, I am now looking forward to delve into more of them. I don't know whether I will be capable to continue with Friday Reads every single week because I don't have so much time to read anymore. But I will try to share my current reads with you at least twice a month. Tell me, what are you reading at the moment?


  1. Krásný příspěvek, Verčo. Je úžasné, jak jsou tvoji rodiče úžasní a ve všem tě podporují :) Přesně tak má rodina vypadat. Užij si čtení a měj se v novém domově co možná nejlépe :)

  2. Je úžasné pozorovat, jak si to v Anglii užíváš :) V tuto chvíli čtu Nezapomenutelnou cestu od N. Sparkse a jsem fascinovana, jak je to rozdílné oproti filmu :)


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