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"Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort."
(Jane Austen)
It's been one month and four days since I've moved to my current place. And I've finaly started to feel a little bit like home in London. I got used to travel by subway everyday and rushing to work amongst countless turists, and I created little habits that provide me a refuge during these days, like drinking caramel coffee while talking to my parents on the phone in the caffé around the corner before heading to work. I like my life here, and I am extremely grateful for what London offered me, but even though I know I hadn't had that possibilities in Brno, I still inexpressibly miss my city, and I don't expect it ever going to change...
My favourite parts of days are evenings that I spend reading on a bus on my way home and watching Gilmore Girls in my bed till very late hours. And then there are my days off that I usually spend at home surrounded by my books and other favourite things. Although it's really lonely sometimes, I try to enjoy my time in my place the most I can. Well, I don't have pleasure in preparing meal just for myself and sometimes I could feel a little bit bored, but then again, there is nothing like coming home after a long day at work and finding your flat with all the necessities at the exact same place you left them. Of course, living alone isn't perfect but it certainly has some benefits, you know...


  1. Stesk po domově se asi nikdy nezlepší, ale máš dobré, že kdykoliv můžeš přijet zpátky, třeba jen na týden. :)

  2. Ach, ach, ach. Z tvého domova dýchá skrz fotky taková příjemná a něžná atmosféra, je to nádhera :) Přeji, ať stesk nepřerůstá ve smutek a ať si užíváš krásných londýnských dní plnými doušky, Veru :)
    PS To nacházení věcí na svém místě po příchodu domů musí být nádhera ;)

  3. I love your photographs. :) Your flat looks so unbelieveable cosy! Your taste in books and films is just great, I always know most of the books/films you photograph. :) Have a nice weekend!

  4. Krásné fotografie, moc se mi líbí ta první... deštivá :)


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