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I had been pretty stressed out couple of weeks ago, and it was kind of hard to find a pleasure in anything - so to say. But then I had had a chance to go home for a few days and that helped me a lot, even though the circumstances that brought me there weren't happy at all. But then again, that's what life is about, I suppose. I just need to get used to deal with it. Anyways, things are just fine now, and I am currently reading an absolutely amazing book Breakfast at Darcy's by Ali McNamara that keeps me in a good mood. It's about a girl called Darcy who works in a women magazine in London but then her aunt dies and Darcy's suddenly about to inherit an island off the west coast of Ireland from her on a condition that she will live there for one whole year. And that's when things start to happen... I will bring a book review to you, guys, pretty soon. So stay tuned. And till then, you can see some pictures I captured during my little holiday...


  1. Ty fotky jsou čím dál hezčí, hrozně se mi líbí ty fialový kytky proti nebi <3 A takovýhle šílený období má čas od času asi každej, hlavní je, aby to přešlo, člověk pak spoustu věcí o to víc ocení, v kontrastu s tímhle :)

  2. Krásné fotografie a moc obdivuje všelijaké hrníčky, které míváš na fotkách. Jsou úžasné :)

  3. Tohle je proste nadherny blog. Mily, zensky, s dusi...proste dospely :)


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