Along For the Ride

Author: Sarah Dessen
Publisher: Penguin Books
Publishing date: 2010
Pages: 448

Auden is a hard worker. She has been studying a lot since her parents had divorced, and she practicaly doesn't have a time for anything else. She feels like she's missing something but seeing her mother unable to have a healthy relationship and her dad escaping from all the responsibilities, she doesn't know what to do. But then her brother who's traveling around the world sends her a picture of him in a frame with sign that says: "The Best of Times", and she spontaneously decides to spend her last summer before college in a beach town with her dad and his new family. And that brings her an unique chance to meet new friends and catch up on things she's been avoiding ever since. And one of those may be falling in love...

"It was so easy to disown what you couldn't recognize, to keep yourself apart from things that were foreign and unsettling. The only person you can be sure to control, always, is yourself. Which is a lot to be sure of, but at the same time, not enough."

This year summer season is just so weird. I feel like I am kind of missing it. It's either rainy or windy all the time. And when the sun is finaly shining I am always at work dealing with questions from tourists. So I am not going to tell lies to you about being optimistic. To tell the truth I don't really like this summer and am somehow looking forward to its end. But then again, summer is my favourite season and I don't want to spoil it for myself just because the circumstances aren't the best. Luckily enough I'll always have Sarah Dessen and her fabulous books which I love endlessly. And like that I can at least experience quintessential summer adventures in her stories...

"Because if you were the problem, chances were you could also be the solution. The only way to find out was to take another shot."

Along for the Ride is a book about second chances, or third, or whatever time it takes to make things right because it's never too late to at least try to do that. And I so like this idea because it means that you actually can be the one who decides what's going to happen next. And it just sounds so much better than waiting for it. Sarah Dessen's books always make me think about things and try to understand them a little bit more. I like that her books center the relationship issues as well as family. Her stories are like safe haven to me. I can read them when I want to be alone but being alone is the least thing I can bear, if you know what I mean...

Rating: 5/5


  1. Verunko, už strašně dlouho jsem nezavítala na tvůj blog a musím říct, že se mi upřímně stýskalo. Tvůj blog pro mě vždycky byl, je a bude obrovskou inspirací. Miluju tvůj spisovatelský um a ty tvé překrásné fotografie, které na člověka zkrátka dýchají (mimochodem, jsi moc krásná ženská - nerada používám v tvém případě slovo ženská, protože se to k tobě vůbec nehodí, ale holka/slečna/žena mi taky znělo divně, tak se nezlob :) )
    Měj se nádherně, užívej léta a přeji, ať se ti do rukou dostanou jen samé dobré knihy :)

    1. Ahoj Hani, dekuju ti mockrat za krasny komentar. Jsem moc rada, ze si na muj blog vzdycky najdes cestu. V posledni dobe jsem na nej nemela moc casu a taky pomysleni, ale to se brzy zmeni a zase se k blogovani vratim v plne sile. A moc doufam, ze se mnou do te doby zustanes a vzdy u mne najdes nejaky kousek inspirace... Preji ti krasne leto plne skveleho cteni. A jeste jednou moc diky za tva mila slova... :-)


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