Hi everyone,
hope you're all doing well. We are having an incredibly hot weather in London in these days, and it's really difficult to do pretty much anything because of that. I was absolutely exhausted on my way home the other day, and my hands were sweating since there was practicly no air in the bus so it wasn't possible to pull out a book from my purse. But the way to my home takes usually about one hour which is quite a long time to waste so I pull out my phone, instead, and found an e-book in it that I almost forgot about. I purchased it about a year ago and since then I just haven't had an opportunity to read it. Untill now. I am telling you, no matter how cheesy the cover of The Distance Between Us by Kasie West is, the story is just so terrific. And it's also amazingly written. Definitely recommend this book to you if you haven't read it yet. Love it. It's just dashing... Don't forget to tell me what are you reading currently. And have a really nice weekend.

PS: Please note that I had to activate a use of monitoring of the comments recently. It means that I need to see the comment first before it's gonna be published. You don't have to be afraid to write me anything, though. I just want to distinguish your comment from spams which there had been an enormous amount of them lately. And it had stopped being bearable at some point. I hope you understand...