“A bookshelf is a biography written by others.”

I've got yet another bookshelf. Again. I would like to say that this one is the last one but that would probably be a lie. Because ultimately, the number of books always exceeds the space they are granted - as Alberto Manguel once said truthfully... The reason why I needed a new bookshelf is that I am moving from London back to Brno, and therefore I need a home for 115kg of books. Isn't it crazy? I mean, I am crazy. How could I possibly gather such an amount of books during one year? Well, I guess the fact I was working as a bookseller didn't really help. But to tell the truth, I do not regret the purchase of a single book. Because if I am supposed to live in the Czech Republic for the rest of my life (and I very much wish for that), I obviously need a lot of English books to stockpile as it is quite complicated to obtain them here. Anyways, my daddy had finished work on my new bookshelf this afternoon, and I just put there the last book. It is quite late now, and my room is getting really dark at this hour. But I quickly took some pictures of it that I am now going to share with you. Enjoy!


  1. Ta vydání od Penguinu jsou nádherná, vždycky nad nima slintám na Instagramu:) Krásné fotky!

  2. tie knižné obaly sú krásne, mám chuť po nich siahať a prezerať si ich večer pri bylinkovom čaji :)


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