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I have always loved tea. It's a symbol of contentment. I like everything about it. From its preparation to the actual drinking. I adore the smell as well as the taste of it. And I always have a cup of tea within reach when I am going to read a book. During my weekdays tea is sometimes the only pleasure I am looking forward to. It's like an oasis of calm in the middle of madness. There's so many of beautiful quotations about tea to find in books. This one is my favourite:

"When you go out hunting wicked spirits, it's the simple things that matter most. The silvered point of your rapier flashing in the dark; the iron filings scattered on the floor; the sealed canisters of best Greek Fire, ready as a last resort...

But tea bags, brown and fresh and plenty of them, and made (for preference) by Pitkin Brothers of Bond Street, are perhaps the simplest and best of all.

OK, they may not save your life like a sword-tip or an iron circle can, and they haven't the protective power of a sudden wall of fire. But they do provide something just as vital. They help keep you sane."

(Jonathan Stroud, The Screaming Staircase)

PS: The book starring in the pictures is a beautiful bicentennial edition of Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen published by Penguin Classics.


  1. Krása! Přepadla mě náhlá touha pořídit si nějakou roztomilou konvici :)


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