The Booklover's TAG

1. Do you prefer hardbacks or paperbacks?
I've always thought that I prefered hardbacks but that was probably just because there barely were any paperbacks in the Czech bookshops before. When I've started to read in English, I realized that paperbacks are so much more useful and comfortable, and I love to read them ever since. It's true, though, that I adore hardbacks for their beautiful design. And if I like some book very much, I usually end up buying a hardback copy as well...

2. What do you drink while reading?
It's very simple. Coffee or tea. My favourite is Spicy Chai Tea by Twinings with a spoon of brown sugar and a little bit of milk.

3. Old books or new books. Which ones do you like better?
Well, it's hard to say because I love them both. But it obviously depends in which quality the old book is. I own loads of really old books that I have found in second hand and/or charity bookshops, and I cherish them the most, for they are so lovely with their yellowish papers and a smell of history. Like, for example my little copy of The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith that I have bought in an antiquarian bookshop called Quinto on Leicester Square in London for only one pound. It's not in a perfect condition but none of the newest editions could ever replace it. Nevertheless, I also like new books, for I know that nobody but me read them yet...

4. Do you rather read in public or in privacy?
I would say that I rather read at home where I can put on some pyjama pants and old T-shirt and sit in my comfortable chair or bed. But sometimes I also read in public places, such as train or coffee shop, when I find a few spare minutes and want to use them...

5. Can you name at least three classics you adore?
I think you probably know what my favourite classics are. But I might as well name them again. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen. Those are the books that I carry around in my mind and my heart everywhere...

6. What is your favourite children book?
Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne. There is no other book that I would love as much. It contains everything that you need to know about world and life in it. It's my all time favourite story that I am looking forward to read to my own children. One day...

7. Do you keep a book journal?
Yes, I do. But I am not as persistent about it as I'd wish to be. But this blog certainly works as a book journal in some way, and I hope I shall never stop writing it...

8. Where do you find an inspiration for what to read?
Mostly on instagram. I follow so many readers and bloggers there, and they are definitely my biggest inspiration. But then I also search books on Goodreads or Book Depository. And time to time, I go to a local bookshop and browse among the shelves in there...

9. Do you have any particular system of organizing your bookshelf?
Basicly none. I think that my bookshelf wouldn't make any sense to other people. It's practically very well organized mess of so many kind of books that are put together according to my mood. But it certainly makes sense to me. My parents could testify that I know where I keep every single book of mine. When I was living in London, I always gave a quick instructions throughout the phone about a book my mom was looking for, and she always found it there...

10. What is your favourite literary movie?
Matilda based on book by Roald Dahl. It's the sweetest story about a reader. It just speaks from my heart. So funny and lovely...


  1. Veru, skvělý tag plný zajímavých informací a přenádherných fotek <3 A jsem moc ráda, že jsi zmínila Medvídka Pú, to je prostě neuvěřitelná srdcovka plná laskavosti a moudrosti... Měj se krásně! :)

    1. Děkuju mockrát Kristy, já Medvídka Pú taky zbožňuji. Komu by tento malý nezbeda nepřirostl k srdci... :-) Taky se měj moc krásně. :-)

  2. Verunko, krásné fotky a ráda jsem si početla :) Nicméně, musím říct, že jako učitelka angličtiny vnímám tvoje markantní zlepšení v tomto jazyce :) Super jsi !!!

    1. To je od tebe moc hezké, děkuju ti mockrát, Kristy... :-)

  3. Skvělý dotazník a nádherné fotky! Nevadilo by, kdybych si dotazník taky vyplnila a použila ho u sebe na blogu?

    1. Určitě nevadilo. Těším se na tvé odpovědi. Měj se hezky... :-)

  4. Skvělý TAG s ještě skvělejšími odpovědmi a nejskvělejšími fotkami :) Jen tak pro zajímavost - kolik výtisků Sense and sensibility máš? :)
    Měj se krásně, Verunko

    1. Ahoj Hani, děkuju ti moc za krásná slova. :-) Výtisků Sense and Sensibility mám tedy přesně pět (kroutím hlavou a stydím se), ale na moji obranu jsou některé z nich součástí edice, takže jsem si je prostě musela pořídit, že jo? :-) Měj se taky moc a moc krásně...


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