The Autumn Reading TAG

1) Are there any books you plan on reading over the Autumn season?
Even though we are now in the middle of Autumn, there still are some books I'd like to read during the season. The most anticipated one is certainly a series His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman that I've just received from Everyman's Library in their beautiful hardback edition. I've heard so many great things about it that I just can't believe I still haven't read it yet...

2) September brings back to school memories: what book did you most enjoy studying? And what were your favourite and least favourite school subjects?
I loved studying literature at school and I remember that I have read almost everything that our teacher put on the list of recommended books. I used to go to a library by that time and it was great. I have so many beautiful memories about reading classic books and carrying them with me everywhere I went. There was something extremely romantic about reading those type of books that were written such a long time ago. But I hadn't been so clear-cut on terms of literature, and I remember I liked nearly every single book I read. Most particularly, though, I remember myself loving books by Ernest Hemingway and Erich M. Remarque. More specificaly A Farewells to Arms and Three Comrades. They stayed my favourites till these days...

3) October means Halloween: do you enjoy scary books and films? If so what are some of your favourites?
Well, I have to admit that I am so not a fan of scary movies and I've never really tend to read frightening books either. I'm more like a reader who dabbles in peacefully flowing books, you know. I think that the most eerie book I've ever read was Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. It was rather creepy story about this girl who was supposed to write an article about a murder that had happened in her native village, and eventually it turned out that she engraved various words all over her body. You can see that it was kind of a hard core but I hadn't had nightmeres or something during the reading so it was okay, but still, I don't really crave to read it again. And the only horor movie I've ever seen was The Woman in Black based on novel written by Susan Hill. I thought it was really great scene but I never watched it again, even though Daniel Radcliffe played the major role. And he's like one of my my all time favourite actors...

4) With November it's time for bonfire night & firework displays. What's the most exciting book you've read that really kept you gripped?
This might or might not be very surprising for you, but the only book that really kept me gripped like throughout the night was the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. I mean, of course that I have read loads of other books that I found thrilling and exciting, but honestly, the only one that made my heart race with adrenaline in late night was the story about Bella and Edward. Call me silly or whatever, but I just really loved the book. I actually happened to be re-reading it right now after ten years, and I still enjoy it a lot.

5) What book is your favorite cosy comfort read?
That would be Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I simply can't imagine any other book that would warm up my heart right from the beginning. I love the story to pieces. Of course there are some parts that always makes me upset, but in the end, I just can't help but be immensely happy for all the characters. It is a book I can read again and again with the same pleasure as for the first time...

6) Curled up with a good book, what is your hot drink of choice?
I am hopeless coffee and tea lover. So it's always either this or that. It's truth, though, that the Autumn season calls for something more fancy like a hot chocolate with marshmallows or a mulled wine.
7) Any plans you're looking forward to over the next few months?
Duh, reading. I really don't have that much time for books during any other season so I am going to enjoy it as much as I can. But of course there are some other things I like to do during the season, like baking and decorating around the house. Also, I'd like to visit a graveyard in a village where my grandparents used to live. Then I am looking forward to a wine event that traditionally takes place in the center of my city every year on 11th November. And moreover I am going to have a movie night at home every weekend. (Because why not?)

PS: I used the original questions from here.


  1. Tohle je docela zajímavý tag. Ne všechny otázky bych mohla zodpovídat v jejich původním znění, ale něco podobného bych snad na svém blogu taky mohla uveřejnit. :)

    Pěkné. :)

  2. Capuccino svicka! Woow! Mela jsem espresso od The Bomb a provonela cely byt kavovou vuni, ted by se mi hodila tato..) Male zeny jsem nikdy necetla, musim si je sehnat a precist :)


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