A Christmas Tail

Author: Cressida McLaughlin
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publishing date: 2015
Pages: 449

A Christmas Tail is a book that contains four parts of a series previously published as Primrose Terrace. It follows Cat who loves dogs. She moved to a beautiful house on Primrose Terrace street in Fairhaven to live there with her friend Polly and her brother Joe. She's there only four months when her love for dogs causes that she looses her job in a nursery. But Cat decides don't give up and starts her own buissness as a dogwalker. This book tells a story about Cat finding her place in a life surrounded by her friends and her beloved pooches while loads of adventures are happening. And if everything goes right, she might also find a love of her life...

I bought this book around this time last year, and I was planning to read it before Christmas but then I hadn't found time for it until now. And I am so glad I have finally read it, for it was such a heartwarming story that I was just in a need for. Regardless to the name of this book, it actually wasn't just about Christmas time because it showed the whole year on the Primrose Terrace from spring to winter. I really didn't mind, though, for it gave me time to find out even more about all of the characters. And I really adored the whole story. Cat was very reliable character and I genuinely grew fond of her. She was kind of amorphous and hence really funny, but she was also generous and noble-minded, and I found her rather bonny and sweet.

What I liked the best about A Christmas Tail were the dogs. They were so beautifully captured by the author. Thanks to her affectionate descriptions, I could imagined them in my head really colourfully and veritable. They were as important aspect of the story as the characters themselves. So I would really recommend this book to all of you who love dogs as much as Cat does. I am sure you'll find it captivating and infinitely lovely. It's a percfect comfort read for gloomy afternoons spent in a warm chair with a cup of tea...

Rating: 5/5


  1. Aaa, jak já se těším na ty vánoční chvíle :) Krásné fotky jako vždy!


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