Christmas Around the House

I have started to celebrate Christmas at the begining of November already; and I persuaded my parents to decorate our Christmas tree on the first Sunday of Advent, so we would have more time to enjoy the fairy lights a little bit longer. This year's Christmas is somehow even more important to me than it is usually. I just can't get enough of the festivities, and I am enjoying everything that comes with it. I have spent too much time searching for new decorations in the shops, and so far I added a few rather beautiful Christmas bulbs to our collection (my favourite is the one that looks like an apple which you can see in a picture down below). I am also slowly getting to my rutine of baking, starting with my all time favourite gingerbread cookies. And in the meantime, I am reading Christmassy books full of romance and heartwarming feelings as well as watching some of my beloved movies such as The Holiday, Love Actually, While You Were Sleeping, You've Got Mail and Serendipity. In this post I am going to show you bits and pieces from our home as decorated for Christmas. Hope you'll like it...


  1. Já už se chci taky naladit na vánoční notu..pořád mi to nějak nejde :( Ty tvoje krásné fotky mě ale hodně inspirují, takže opět díky za tento článek, Verunko :)
    Měj se krásně

  2. Ahoj Veru, já se tu u tebe vždycky tak krásně pokochám, ty tvoje fotky jsou paráda ♥ Měj se hezky


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