Hello everybody!
So after a long time I am here again to show you what I am currently reading. I am sorry I don't post #FridayReads more often but I am not always so lucky to start a new book just for the weekend. But this week it happened. So the book I am going to read is Flowers in the Attic by V. C. Andrews. Well, I have actually started it on Monday but I still haven't had a chance to get properly into the story. I am only on the page 68, while my copy is a bined up edition that contains the first two books in the series, which means that I still have about 800 pages ahead of me. It's crazy, isn't it? But I am actually very excited for it. Because the story is far beyond thrilling. It definitely keeps me gripped. And it also freaks me out sometimes. So if you're looking for some unpredictable page-turner, I would absolutely recommend this one to you, if you haven't read it already...

Flowers in the Attic actually resembles my current mood, for it's so gloomy outside that my mind is getting gloomier, too. Even our house seems like a cold castle haunted by shadows, for I woke up today and it was dark as if it was night already. It's hard to find some inspiration without light. Not to mention that it's almost impossible to take pictures. But I guess it's nature's way to make us have some hibernation until Christmas. So I am trying to just read and be happy in a present moment. Sorry if the blog itself is a little bit subdued, though. I will try to keep up whenever possible. Till then have a lovely time, and don't forget to tell me what are you reading at the moment...


  1. Květy z půdy je užasná kniha ale pro mě moc depresivní zrovna teď když už zachvíli budou ty vánoce. :) Užij si čtení!

  2. Jako vždy nádherná fotka, Verunko. Užij si čtení a první adventní víkend :)

  3. The pictures are just beautiful. Puts me in Christmas mood already


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