"Winter is Coming" Book TAG

1. Snowflake: Something beautiful and always different. Choose a book that stands out, that is different from all the other books you've read.
I've read loads of books that somehow impressed me. But The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey is the most beautiful one of them all. When I think about it, it really reminds me of a snowflake. It's definitely the most unique book I've ever read. The story is oh, so beautifully written and also immensely touching...

2. Hot Chocolate: Choose a book that is irresistibly sweet and highly comforting.
For this one I would definitely choose any book by Stephanie Perkins. Her books are really sweet and lovely and they will provide a very comforting feeling to you. They tell stories about love, friendship and family. They have everything that every good YA book should have, and yet they are original. My favourite is Lola and the Boy Next Door, although I would recommend to start with Anna and the French Kiss...

3. Snowman: It's always fun to build one with your family. Choose a book that whole family could read.
This would depend on how old are the children in that specific family. I chose The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, for my brother and I are both adults already. It's an exquisitely funny book about socially inept though charming Don Tillman who decides to focus on the very difficult project of finding himself a suitable wife. I am telling you that you're going to love it. It's so well told and absolutely hilarious. Definitely one of my all time favourite books. Both my parents read it and adored it, too. And I am sure that if my brother would ever decide to become a reader, he would enjoy it as well...

4. Reindeer: Something that is dear to us. Choose a book that has a sentimental value for you.
You probably know that it's A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. A story of Landon and Jamie has been a part of my life from when I was eleven, and nothing can ever replace it. I love, love, love that book inexplicably much. As well as I love Nicholas Sparks as an author.

5. Christmas: Choose a book that made you feel warm inside after reading it.
Well, the book I've picked up has nothing Christmassy going on. But it's the book that I always think about when I think about a feel-good book. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith is another all time favourite of mine. It's very funny and sweet and hopelessly romantic. Definitely a must read if you love "meet cute" in movies and books.

6. Sledding: We all loved it when we were younger. Choose a book that you loved when you were a child.
Any book about adventures of Moomins' by Tove Jansson. I have so many beautiful memories from when I was a little girl and my aunt read them aloud to me, my brother and a cousin. And I still love the stories now when I am adult. It's something that I'll never grow up from...

7. Snow Bowling: It can be painfull to be hit by a snowball. Choose a book that made you feel some strong emotions, like anger or sadness.
It has to be Atonement by Ian McEvan. I have read this book, like, three years ago, and I am still so broken-hearted when I think about it. It's one of the saddest books I've ever read. Yet I can't help but loving it anyway. I would definitely recommend it to you if you haven't read it already. It's really worth it...

8. Snow: It is beautiful when it first falls, but then it starts to melt. Choose a book/series that you loved in the beginning but then, in the middle of it, you realised you didn't like it any longer.
I've read the first book in the series about fallen angels by Lauren Kate about four years ago. And I remember, that even though I quite liked it, I wasn't interested enough in it to continue reading. But now I feel like I could try it once again. And who knows, I may as well end up liking it. After all, I am always looking forward to snow next year again...


  1. Úžasný tag plný krásných, inspirujících knih a fotek. Tuhle zimu se konečně chystám číst Dceru sněhu, kterou jsem si pořídila, jakmile jsi vydala video o vánočních tipech a pořád jsem ji ještě nečetla.
    Měj se krásně, Verunko a užij si předvánoční čas :)


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