The Secret Paris Cinema Club

Original title: Eines Abends in Paris
Author: Nicolas Barreau
Publisher: Quercus
Publishing date: 2014
Pages: 278

Alain Bonnard who has quite recently inherited a small cinema in Paris, which he cherishes many nostalgic memories about, lives a very quiet life untill everything changes when Hollywood stars approach him with request of filming a new movie in his little cinema. But this exciting news almost causes his loosing a woman who might be the love of his life...

"Isn't it simply incredible that, after all the millennia this world has been turning on its axis, love is still the most wonderful thing that can happen to two people? Again and again it's that feeling that enables us to start anew in expectations of great things."

This was such a lovely story that warmed my heart during this incredibly cold winter. It's been a really long time since I've read some book that took place in Paris, and so I was very glad when I came upon this one. I found it in one of the bookshop branches where I'd been working in London, and I just couldn't resist to buy it, for it sounded like exactly my cup of tea. The back cover described The Secret Paris Cinema Club as "a Parisian Notting Hill with all the charm of Chocolat". I mean, what more did I need to be sold on the spot for it...?

I have to say that this book really lived up to my expectations. It was beautifully written, very funny and charming. I adored the main character Alain Bonnard. He indeed reminded me of William Thacker from Notting Hill. And I wished him luck throughout the whole book. The love story in this book was of instant kind, but I didn't really mind it. As long as it's believable, I might as well enjoy it. And this was definitely the case. Over all it was a very sweet novel with a few surprises as well. I would definitely recommend this book to every hopeless romantic. I'm sure, you'll love it just as I did...

Rating: 5/5


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