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I haven't shared my random thoughts and pictures in a while. And since it's been quite subdued here on my blog lately, I've thought that I might as well collect my photos and write something today. I feel like I've been on a little escape from reality for some time now. I don't feel like associating with people lately. The only thing I really want to do these days is just reading. It's the only thing that keeps me sane, really. I am looking out of my window while writing this. And there's sun after such a long time in our garden, which makes me excited for the months to come. So I believe that things are about to get better, now that spring is around corner. I've been doing some spring cleaning the other week. And I am slowly working on re-organizing my bookshelves now, which is one of my favourite things to do. For it helps me keep track of all of my books and stuff, which is great. Plus it's such a satisfying process. I just love it. On a different note, I'm turning twenty-five in a month, which is absolutely crazy. I don't even know how it happened. I remember my younger self, looking forward to being older, for I thought it meant becoming wiser and more confident. But getting older is nothing like that. I actually haven't figured out any of the things I was supposed to have figured out by now. But whatever. Maybe none of those things is as important as it seems to be at the first sight. Anyway, back to the books. So I've finished Just Listen by Sarah Dessen recently, which I still need to review for the Book Club. And then I've read All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders which was a very unique book that I enjoyed. So I am planning on writing a review on that one, too. And now I am thinking about starting the second book in the Chaos Walking trilogy because I really need to know what is going to happen next...

Let me know what have you been doing lately and what books have you read. And I will keep up with you soon...


  1. Tiež sa už teším na nastávajúce obdobie, na jar a predlžujúce sa večery... ♥ slniečko ma úplne nabíja dobrou náladou a už nepýtam ten sneh, po ktorom sú ulice také začvachtané. :D Ja a môj foťák už netrpezlivo očakávame a striehneme na nejaké snežienky, ale ešte stále je zima... Prajem ti dni naplnené radosťou :)


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