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It's no secret that I'm a sucker for beautiful bounding of books. I love when the book is as beautiful as object as it is for what it contains. When you collect books and your room starts to resemble a library, it's only inevitable for you to start using books as some kind of decorations. You can no longer hide them in a dark bookshelf because they are everywhere and therefore practicly the only thing you see when you enter your room. At least for me this is the truth. I literally live among rows and piles of books. And I absolutely love that...

Folio Society is a unique publishing house, spicializing in beautiful design of books. They publish primarily classical literature and modern classics. When I was living in London, I often came to their little shop in The Clove Building and spent some time browsing through the shelves, housing all of the great literature. I only bought there one book for my friend, but never treated myself with one. Untill now. One week ago, I've finally made my first order, and I received the package today. 

The book I bought was A Traveller in Time by Alison Uttley, which I've wanted to read for quite some time now. And I am so happy to finally have it in my hands. The book comes with a protective slipcase and the cover is of a nice green colour with an illustration made in silver. The pages are of a high quality paper, printed with a neat font. There are also colourful illustrations scattered throughout the book, which bestow even more unique a character to the actual story. The love with which this book had been done is almost palpable when you carefully turn the pages and smell the pure scent of a paper, glue and ink. It's one of those book that can adorn your bookshelf for many a generation...


  1. Bože to je nádhera :o... Muselo byť úžasné navštíviť obchod aj osobne. Hneď sa idem troška poobzerať po ich stránke.
    Prajem ti príjemné čítanie a krásny deň :)!

    1. Děkuju ti moc, Kristy. Jakmile dočtu svoji právě rozečtenou knihu, dám se hned do této. Na jejich stránky určitě mrkni, mají tam neuvěřitelných pokladů... :-) Měj se moc hezky.


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