FLAMBARDS (Flambards #1)

Author: K. M. Peyton 
Publisher: Oxford University Press 
Publishing date: 2014 
Pages: 224

Since Christina's parents died when she was but an infant, she never felt at home, living with her distant relatives. But when she's sent to live with her uncle at Flambards in the country, everything is about to change. The whole family of her uncle is obsessed with horses and they lived for nothing but hunting seasons. Well, except for William. He lives for planes and scarcely anything else. Christina has only lived in the city so far, but she finds herself comfortable soon enough, and shortly after that she discoveres her passion for horses. What other things await her at Flambards...?

"She liked to see paterns in life, which proved that everything
was not quite so inconsequential as sometimes it seemed."

I loved this book. I came across it rather fortuitously, and I am so glad I did, for it resembled many of my all time favourites, and yet it was a whole new story. I adored the way in which the author captured the nature and settings of this novel. It was enchanting and beautiful. I also grew fond of the characters, even the vicious and severe ones, and was very intrigued to know what was going to happan to them. The plot had many twists in it and it changed every time I thought I finally figured it out. But I was more than happy with the ending. There are still some unresolved matters, though, and so I am really looking forward to find out more about my heroes in the second book of the series. If you're looking for a beutifully written story about family, friendship and love, this book is just perfect for you...

Rating: 5/5


  1. Prekrásne obálky. Prekrásne fotky... Vďaka ti za ďalší tip do wishlistu :). Opäť som si na tvojom blogu prišla na svoje. Sem sa vždy zaručene rada vrátim :).

    1. Děkuju moc, milá Kristy. :-) To opravdu ráda slyším...


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