VMC Designer Collection

I am here today to share with you another one of my favourite editions. This time it's a collection of books published by Virago Modern Classics, which features modern classic novels written by female authors such as Daphne du Maurier as well as Angela Carter, Elizabeth Jenkins and others. The books are beautifully bound in colourful and patterned textiles designed by contemporary designers including Eley Kishimoto, Angie Levin or Lucienne Day. I had been admiring these stunning covers for at least four years before I finally bought the first one. I've actually started my collection when I moved to London and had a chance to see the books physically. In that moment I could have resist to their charm no longer. I was lucky to find the first couple of them in a second hand bookshop and then I acquired some of them online. Recently I've completed my collection of Daphne du Maurier books that were published in this edition so far. But in the future I'd like to collect some of the other authors available in this collection, too. These books are perfect for every bibliophile who loves books for their insides as well as for their outsides. They look fabulous lined up together and their vintage looking covers and spines with pastel colours add a gentle feminine touch to every bookshelf...


  1. these editions are gorgeous, if only I have some interest in reading these books. is it a bad idea to collect books and not read them?

    have a lovely day.

    1. They are really gorgeous, aren't they? About the buying books only for their covers, I can't really tell. I only buy books I intend to read either in the present moment or somewhen in the future. It's true, though, that if you buy for example a statue or dried flowers as a decoration to your house, you can't do anything else with them except displaying them. So I guess, you can also buy books and look at them simply as an article to decorate your home. Why not? After all, you can always change your mind and try to read them. And who knows, you might end up enjoying their content as well...

      Have a lovely day, too... :-)

    2. I bought and read all of these! Not only because I love collecting the classics especially with their new edition covers (I have an obsession with the barnes & nobles leatherbound classics) but after reading “Rebecca” it truly sucked me in. About to go on a huge Daphne Du Maurier haul now! I hugely recommend her writing- my best friend says she prefer “Frenchman’s Creek” but I think I sway more towards “My Cousin Rachel” :P
      As regards to your question, personally I end up finding nice covers of classics I’ve read once upon a time to collect, for example Dickens, Austen, Brontes, children’s lit etc. Of course, I feel guilty about not re reading them but, if they’re classics & I enjoyed them once, then there’s no harm! (That’s also my mentality that they’re ‘classics’, regardless of whether I loved them too!)
      I’m always on the search for beautiful covers! :)


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