Anne of the Island (Anne of Green Gables #3)

Author: L. M. Montgomery
Publisher: Virago Classics 
Publishing date: 2017 
Pages: 336

"She was richer in those dreams than in realities;
for things seen pass away, but the things that are unseen are eternal."

Anne's dream of attending college has come true. But every dream has its downside to. And for her it is the leaving of Avonlea and all the precious things of her past years behind. She will miss the old dear place and people in it. But off she must go to experience life beyond Avonlea. What adventures and new people are awaiting her in this oncoming phase of her life? And which path to her future will she choose?

"All life lessons are not learned at college.
Life teaches them everywhere."

It cost me some serious self control not to pick up this book right after I've finished Anne of Avonlea in the spring. But I wanted to read a book with such a beautiful cover during October, and so I waited. Besides, there's no better time to read about Anne than in Autumn. Books by L. M. Montgomery are quintessential cozy reads, completing the perfect atmosphere of this time of the year. For me, reading those every Autumn became just as important a part of seasonal traditions as any other, including baking apple pie and visiting a graveyard. I love coming to Avonlea when the season is in a full swing. All the surroundings are beautifully romantic with just a pinch of sweet melancholy to them. The series of Anne of Green Gables is a beautiful literature at its very best...

"If ever any great sorrow came to me,
I would come to the pines for comfort."

Anne was born in the same star sign as I, which is probably one of the reasons why I feel as if I knew her all my life. I share her dreams and can understand her motives. It might sound silly, but I really think that L. M. Montgomery captured the spirit of Aries perfectly in the character of Anne. Which makes her a genius in my eyes, for sometimes the children of March can struggle to understand themselves even. In this third book we get to know Anne a bit better, since we follow her to college and see her becoming an adult. She is more sensible now, though she never lost her imagination, and it's difficult for her to give up on her dreams. Anne of the Island might be my favourite book of the series so far, because I resonated with Anne so deeply within my heart this time. I am extremely glad to live in a world where there are books by L. M. Montgomery. Her words are of the greatest comfort to me...

Rating: 5/5


  1. Po veľmi dlhej dobe som zavítala na Tvoj blog a veľmi sa mi páči ako sa zmenil. Je na ňom vidieť Tvoj úžasný vkus a veľmi veľa práce. Určite sem budem chodiť opäť častejšie.
    (Neviem či by sa nemali teraz písať komentáre po anglicky.:) )
    Toto vydanie Anny je nádherné. Veľmi sa mi páči. Teraz je aj nové spracovanie Anny z minulého roku. Ak si nevidela, tak odporúčam.
    Pekný večer želám :)

    1. Moc ráda tě tu vidím, milá Marti. Děkuju ti mockrát za tvůj krásný komentář. Opravdu mě těší, že jsi na můj blog nezapomněla... Určitě komentáře anglicky psát nemusíš. Vždycky budu ráda za každé milé slovo od svých čtenářů. :-) Nové zpracování jsem viděla a velmi se mi líbilo, ale na druhou stranu to pro mě byl tak nějak docela jiný příběh. Což není nutně špatně. Ale moc si ho nespojuji s knihami...

      Ještě jednou moc děkuju za tvůj komentář. A měj se moc krásně. :-)


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