The Guilty Reader TAG

Have you ever regifted a book that you’ve been given?
Yes, I have done that many times. And you know what, I don't really feel guilty about that. Because sometimes I was given a book that I've already had in my collection, and so I gifted it to someone who didn't. The book was brand new, so why not give it to someone who would appreciate it?

Have you ever said you’ve read a book when you haven’t?
I have, I must admit. You know, when I was working in a bookshop, sometimes people approached me and wanted to know if a certain book would make a good gift for their friend or so. They didn't really ask for my personal opinion about the book, they just wanted reassurance that their choice was right. And so I gave it to them. I don't know if I should feel guilty about it. But I would probably do it again...

Have you ever borrowed a book and not returned it? 
I have, I am affraid. But only from my grandparents. So the books are still in family. Does that count for something? Probably not, right...?

Have you ever read a series out of order? 
No, I have never. I spend hours searching the internet to make sure that the book I am about to read doesn't have any other foregoing ones...

Have you ever spoiled a book for someone? 
I guess so. Sometimes it's kind of inevitable when you write a blog about books. But I never intended to do that...

Have you ever doggy eared a book? 
Oh, yes. I remember my younger self, thinking that proper book should be battered and I treated it accordingly. It was probably caused by the fact that my bookshelf was full of old books I inherited from my family, and the new books just didn't look right among them...

Have you ever told someone you don’t own a book when you do? 
I am guilty of that, yes. Sometimes my old schoolmates e-mailed me, wanting me to lend them some books, and I just said I didn't have them. I had my reasons, okay? First of all, they wouldn't have given them back to me. And second of all, we weren't even that good frinds for them to ask me of such a thing. Books are precious and expensive. If I am going to lend them to someone, I have to trust that person in the fisrt place...

Have you ever told someone you haven’t read a book when you have? 
No, I haven't. But it happened to me that someone was talking really harshly about some book that I have read, and since I didn't want to start an argument about that, I just didn't mention that I read it. It might be the same thing as claiming that I haven't read it, but I didn't feel bad about it...

Have you every skipped a chapter or a section of a book? 
Never. I am more likely going to re-read a chapter or section of a book, when I feel like I am missing the point. But I would never skip it, no.

Have you ever bad mouthed a book you actually liked?
No, I haven't. But once again, I was in situations when people were slandering a book and I haven't contradicted them, even though I felt like I should. I believe that readers should not feel guilty about liking a certain book and they should feel free to express their actual feelings about it. But it's not always that easy in real life. People are being snobs even in literature, and I don't usually want to waste my time with them in some stupid argument. They can keep their hatred feelings and I will keep mine, too...


  1. Jsem si skoro jistá, že se shodujeme úplně ve všech bodech :)

    1. To jsem ráda, že v tom nejsem sama. :-D

  2. Tenhle si taky přidám na seznam tagů, které si chci vyplnit. :D


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