The Wind in the Willows

Author: Kenneth Grahame
Illustrations: Ross MacDonald 
Publisher: Amazon Children's Publishing
Publishing date: 2012
Pages: 220

The Wind in the Willows is a classic children's story, originally published in 1908, about Mole who becomes friends with Ratty, who likes to mess about in boats and takes Mole for a little ride. He also introduces Mole to shy Badger, who lives in terrifying place called Wild Wood. Mole then also gets to know the legendary Mr Toad, who loves cars more than about anything. It's an adventurous story of amazing imagination, capturing nature in all the seasons and celebrates friendship and family...

"Home! That was what they meant, those caressing appeals, those soft touches wafted through the air, those invisible little hands pulling and tugging, all one way."

I am a fan of books in which animals play the main roles ever since I've read Winnie the Pooh and Charlotte's Web. Two of my all time favourite children's books that are perfect for adults just as well as they are for kids. About The Wind in the Willows I've learnt from the book Inkheart by Cornelia Funke some five years ago, but for some reason it took me until now to finally read it. And I am so glad I found my way to this book, for the story about little Mole and his friends Ratty, Mr Toad and also Badger was absolutely wonderful. In fact, during the reading I almost forgot that they were animals. They felt like real people to me, as the author described them in their whole particularity. They would have flaws and weaknesses just as we all have, but they were trying their best to be good friends to each other and come to help to the one who needed it the most. I adored their little community and the surroundings of their habitat. The writing style of Kenneth Grahame was unexpectedly intricate and sophisticated for a children's book, but very beautiful and unique. The story itself was intertwined with adventure and some parts were downright hilarious. It was simply a magnificent book I very much enjoyed reading and would highly recommend to you too...

Rating: 5/5


  1. Opět pro mě úplně neznámá knížka od neznámého autora. Ale přesto jsi mě navnadila. Jen je škoda, že už v knihovně opravdu nemám žádné místo a je tak obtížné pořizovat nové, byť určitě krásné knížky.

    Hezký blížící se víkend přeji! :)

    1. S tím s tebou souhlasím. Sama už s pořizováním knih pomalu přestávám. Čtecího materiálu mám na desítky let tak či tak. Člověk prostě musí zavřít oči před novinkami a re-edicemi krásných knih. Ve skutečnosti je totiž nepotřebuje. Je ale opravdu těžké se občas ovládat...

      Krásný víkend i tobě, milá Vlasti... :-)


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