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As the days are becoming shorter and the evenings darker, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite movies that are somehow connected with books. I am sure you will be familiar with most of them, but I still hope this post will bring you some inspiration. I would be delighted if you'd share some of your favourites with me in the comment section down below...

Bright Star
This is a beautifully produced movie about the young poet John Keats and his love to Fanny Brawne. It's a very picturesque and poetic rendering of their love story. Its moody atmosphere is also perfect for this time of the year. Seeing this movie makes me want to read poetry and wander through woods for long hours...

I still remember my first time seeing this movie when I was about the same age as Matilda herself. I was completely mesmerized by her skills to make such perfectly round and deliciously looking pancakes. And I always envied her the enjoyment she had for reading. By that time I couldn't devote myself to a book, but the idea of reading seemed very romantic to me. Which is what made Matilda the biggest inspiration to me when I was growing up...

The Reader
This movie based on the book by Bernhard Schlink is a proof of how great of an impact can books have on our lives. It's the most shocking but also beautifully portrayed war story I can think of...

The Jane Austen Book Club
I am sure you guys know about my obsession with this movie. There's just something about it that makes me relax and perceive life in not such a harsh light. It is my remedy to everything, for I find that I can relate to the characters in so many ways. Whenever I feel alone, deceived, angry, sad or uninspired, I can always find comfort in watching this movie. It doens't matter that I know every single line by heart, I will always preffer watching the characters say them...

Carrie Pilby
I've only seen this movie very recently. But I liked it so much that I decided to add it to my list, too. It's about this quirky girl from London, living in New York. She loves books, but isn't really adept at living a normal life. Her therapist then assigns some tasks for her to implement, and the story unfolds from there. I found it very funny, but also endearing and sometimes touching even. Later on, I have also learnt that it was based on a book by Caren Lissner, so I might give it a read sometime in the future...

This Beautiful Fantastic
Now, this movie is something absolutely spectacular. It's quite recent, but I've already watched it a many a time, for I fell in love with the story completely. I find the idea behind the story very poignant and ecouraging. Also, I have quite a weakness for Jeremy Irvine, and he's absolotely adorable in this motion picture. Jessica Brown Findley, I hadn't known before, but I was really mesmerized by her performance in here, and she then became one of my favourite actresses. I seriously can't recommend this movie enough to you. And I hope you'll make time to watch it, for it's so beautiful. Some parts of the film also gave me the ASMR feelings, which is something I very rarely find in movies nowadays, so that made it even more special in my eyes...

You've Got Mail
I believe this isn't the first time of me recommending this movie on my blog. Nor do I think it needs to be recommended, for it's generally considered a favourite of everyone's. But my list wouldn't be complete without it, so please bear with me. I know this movie by heart now, but I like to watch it for the little details. I love the apartment of Meg Ryan's and Tom Hank's adorable dog. I adore their conversation about ordering a morning coffee. I also love the face Tom Hanks does when he attempts to read Meg's favourite book Pride and Prejudice, or the moment when she recommends the Ballet Shoes to a little girl while visiting his bookshop. This movie is just full of these little treasures that make me fall in love with it anew every time I watch it...

Finding Neverland
I am sure everybody knows this enchanting movie about J. M. Barrie and his famous work Peter Pan, but it won't stop me from recommending it to you anyway. I love the atmosphere of this movie, it's so romantic and the manners of J. M. Barrie appear so genteel, that I am always completely mesmerized while watching it. I am pretty sure this was actually the first movie starring Johnny Depp I've seen. Never before had I understood the hype about him, but when I finally saw him in motion, I got it. He's just amazing...

Becoming Jane
I know that this film has undergone a lot of controversy among Jane Austen's fans. And I am aware that it's not completely accurate, but I don't really care. I consider it as part of the Jane Austen fandom and always have fun watching it. No need for harsh feelings. Imagining James McAvoy in conversation with Jane Austen herself is the most delightful picture. Honestly, who would complain to that. I would suggest you make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, sit down, relax and let yourself be enchanted...

The Words
I have to admit I haven't seen this movie in years, but I still remember it quite well. Because of its having such a powerful voice, this story has had a huge impact on me. I won't tell you anything about the plot, for it's better if you experience it on your own. But I would highly recommed you to watch it...

The Invisible Woman
This movie tells a story about Charles Dickens and his complicated love life, if you will. It's actually not my favourite, because I don't really like the light that it puts the author in. I can almost feel the creator's judgement in regards of Charles Dickens, which is something that shouldn't happen, I don't think. But if I ignore this fact, the movie itself is definitely worth watching. If only for the notion of the time period it can give you...

Not Another Happy Ending
This is a very refreshing and funny movie about this girl who wants to become a writer and this grumpy publisher who is supposed to help her with it. When I first decided to watch it, I didn't expect much, but I soon found myself totally engaged with the story and the characters. As I said, it was extremely funny and suprisingly touching, too. I also really enjoy the soundracks of this movie, which I listen to quite often...


  1. Jediný film, který znám, je Matylda, ale ten miluju. ♥ A na ty ostatní se musím podívat, jsem ostuda. :)

    1. Určitě se podívej i na ty ostatní. Závidím ti, že je můžeš vidět poprvé. Ačkoli spousta z nich je po vícero zhlédnutí čím dál lepší... :-)

  2. OMG, I loooovvveee You've Got Mail.... Viděla jsem ten film snad tisíckrát a pořád každou scénu prožívám :) Naprostá srdcovka.
    The Reader jsem viděla také, já sama mám už deset let vztah s o 13 let mladším partnerem, tak jsem byla zvědavá na zpracování :)
    Já bych ti doporučila Miss Potter, pokud jsi ještě neviděla :) DOkonale se k tomuto seznamu hodí, řekla bych :) Renée Zellwegger jako herečku nevyhledávám, spíš naopak, ale roli Beatrix ztvárnila opravdu skvěle :) Moc pěkný film :)

    1. Ahoj Kristy, moc děkuji za milý komentář. Miss Potter jsem viděla už přede dvěma lety. Souhlasím s tebou, film je to opravdu překrásný. Nadchl mě dokonce tak moc, že jsem hned druhý den šla a koupila si životopis o Beatrix Potter v knižní podobě. Naštěstí jsme ho měli v našem knihkupectví, kde jsem tehdy pracovala, takže jsem ho nemusela shánět dlouho... :-)

  3. Anonymous19/9/18 16:54

    Díky za super tipy, některé uvedené filmy jsem neznala, tak si něco z toho přidám k seznamu na co se dívat tento podzim, protože se budou k tomuto období hodit :)
    Před pár dny jsem viděla filmové zpracování knihy The Secret Garden, které se mi velmi líbilo, a chci si stoprocentně co nejdřív přečíst i knihu.

    A vím, že na tomto blogu často doporučuješ film The Jane Austen Book Club, takže si myslím, že je také pravý čas se podívat :)



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