Pride & Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen
Illustrations: Anna and Elena Balbusso
Publisher: Folio Society
Publishing date: 2013
Pages: 335

Pride and Prejudice is without a doubt the best known and loved book by Jane Austen, but the characters themselves are probably the most famous in the whole literature. Some people claim to love them, others swear they can't stand them. Whatever the case, though, everybody knows them. And that alone is a wish of all writers, I should think. Having created characters, that are discussed all over the world ascross centuries with such passion and diversity in opinions, is certainly what makes such a phenomenon of Jane Austen...

Her study of a human character is definitely what draws me to her work the most. I find the way her characters act and the things they say still relevant to this day. Which makes me realize that no matter how many things have changed since her novels were published, the essential truth is that we still live in the same world as Jane Austen herself. Which gives me the same amount of hope and despair, depending on what things I decide to focus on...

"There are few people whom I really love, and still fewer of whom I think well. The more I see of the world, the more am I dissatisfied with it; 
and every day confirms my belief of the inconsistency of all human characters, and of the little dependence that can be placed on the appearance of merit or sense."

"But people themselves alter so much,
that there is something new to be observed in them for ever."

Because I like to believe myself to be an optimist, I decide to focus on true love. In this sphere, Jane Austen's novels really bring me hope like nothing else. If it was possible to find true love back then, surely there has to be a little chance for us in this modern world as well. I especially enjoy the romance in Pride and Prejudice, for I find it very realistic. Nor Mr. Darcy, nor Elisabeth has fallen in love at first sight. Their love for each other grew bigger and deeper in regards of their actions and motives. And they both had to work very hard in order to be worh of the person they found themselves falling for...

I feel like I also have to address the undeniable truth about Mr. Darcy being a fantasy of the vast majority of female species. I myself am no exception. Mr. Darcy is for sure my favourite hero from all of Jane Austen's novels. I have always been drawn to men who are superior to me, so I could look up to them and learn from them. So for one, Mr. Darcy is very clever indeed, which is very attractive to me. He is also a very amiable man, even though he struggles to show it at his first meeting with someone. He's self-confident, but not mean, which I find very sexy. He knows perfectly well what to say and when to say it. Well, at least most of the time. And most importantly, he has a good heart...

To me, the relationship between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth is one of the most inspiring in the whole literature. It's healthy and well grounded. They hold each other in respect and high esteem. They love each other profoundly and they act in design of bringing happiness to each other. Reading about them gives me the highest pleasure of all. Pride and Prejudice is definitely a quintessential book of Jane Austen's. You'll find her trenchant wit in it, as well as her clever observations on life and society. Through her beautifully chosen words, she'll give you hope, provide you with a good laugh and fill your heart with love. If you haven't read any book by her yet, Pride and Prejudice is the one for you to start with...


  1. To je nádherné vydání! ♥ Já mám doma Pýchu a předsudek dvakrát, v češtině. Obě vydání jsou hezká, ale ani jedno takhle krásně ilustrované. Pýchu a předsudek jsem četla tak dva tři roky zpátky. Strašně mě štvalo, jak pyšně a povýšeně se ty postavy chovaly, především paní Benettová (matka děvčat), ale nakonec musím říct, že se mi to moc líbilo. :)

  2. Pride & Prejudice is the first Jane Austen book that I read and I love it. I have read it a few times and I do think it's Austen's best.

    I guess I don't see Mr. Darcy as you do, I find him charming yes, but I don't see him as someone who is great at talking to people, just that he is clever and that gives him an advantage. also, I like that he and Elizabeth got a second chance to be together after her refusal to marry him the first time.

    I honestly haven't read Pride & Prejudice in a while but I do seem to remember a lot from the movie version with Matthew Macfadyen - that's my favorite movie adaptation, have you seen that movie?

    have a lovely day.

    1. He might have some issues with talking to people, but you know, who doesn't, right? He certainly was good at speaking his mind to Elizabeth in his proposal, in his letter and then later when they got together, which were comunications that realy mattered. I really do like him, just because he isn't perfect. It makes me want to take his part and help him... :-) Yes, I've seen the movie multiple times. It's also my favourite adaptation of the novel. Matthew Macfadyen really interprets Mr. Darcy as I imagine him to be. Everybody seems to prefer Colin Firth, but I think he just didn't get the character of Mr. Darcy quite right...


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