Christmas Tea with Pecan Butterballs

Hello everyone,
I am coming to you with a few pictures of a tea I've enjoyed today with these delicious cookies. I found a recipe for the pecan butterballs online and wanted to try it out immediately. I've started with the Christmas baking already, and wanted something different to spice up my repertoir a little bit this year. And these cookies were perfect for that. Though I don't expect them to last till Christmas. They are so tasty that they were halfaway gone even before I got a chance to transfer them from the baking tray to a cookie tin. But I will most definitely make a new batch right before Christmas Eve. Because they just can't be missing among the holiday treats...

Have you also started with the Christmas baking and decorating already? I would love to know...


  1. Čaj s mlékem moc nemusím, ale na fotkách se sušenkami vypadá skvěle. ♥
    Hezký čas Adventu přeji!


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