Happy Friday everyone,
I am here today to share with you the book I'm currently reading my way through, which is no other than Tiger's Quest by Colleen Houck - the second installment in her Tiger Saga series. This one is also a re-read for me, but I am reading it at the edge of my seat as if it was the first time. Colleen Houck just has a way of connecting the reader with her beautifully written story that is extremely unique. I feel for the characters so much. This book in particular is very heartbreaking. By the time I was reading this book for the first time, the following book, called Tiger's Voyage, hadn't been published yet, so I actually never continued with the series after the end of this book. And I am extremely nervous but also excited to finally continue with the story after I finish my re-reading...

Have you read the Tiger Saga series? If so, what did you think about it? And do you have a favourite amongst the brothers? Tell me everything...


  1. Tuhle sérii jsem nečetla, ale přítelova maminka ji má v knihovně, takže předpokládám, že si ji jednoho dne přečtu. Je to skvělé, že s sebou nemusím k přítelovi vozit knihy, protože je tu spousta jiných, které bych si také ráda přečetla. :)

    1. To věřím, mít s kým sdílet knihy je určitě krásná věc. A sérii si určitě přečti. Já na ni nedám dopustit... :-)


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