A Little Bit More of Christmas

Hello everyone,
I'm here today with a few more Christmassy themed photos. Since I spent all the previous days by preparing the room for Christmas and moving all the books in there, I hadn't really had time to sit down and actually enjoy the library. But we didn't have any engagments yesterday, so I made the most of it and spent the whole day lounging around and reading a Christmassy book, called What Light by Jay Asher. I'm also currently listening to an audiobook Together at Midnight by Jennifer Castle. I'm very much enjoying both of these books, but have a hard time focusing on them, for I'm still too excited about having the library done. I actually can't believe it quite yet. It's like I'm living in a dream. Today, we are going to visit our Grandmother, so right now I'm sitting in the library, making this post and trying to savor the last minutes in the quiet of the room before I go. Hope you guys are having a fantastic time...