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Today, I have finally received my copy of Midnight Sun. It's such a special moment that I felt compelled to make a post about it. I have obviously pre-ordered the book as soon as I found about it at the beginning of May, but because of all the crazy things happening in the world, I only got it in my hands two weeks after its release. But what's two additinal weeks to twelve years of waiting, am I right? I remember having read the first one hundred pages that Stephenie Meyer released on the internet all those years ago. Although I don't remember anything that happened in them anymore. I only have some vague picture of snow and blood in my head. How dramatic. I still can't believe that I can finally read the story from Edward's point of view. It feels absolutely surreal. Does it not?
I am not sure whether I am going to re-read Twilight first and then read Midnight Sun or vice versa. Or maybe I will read both books simultaniously. We shall see...

Have you guys had the chance to read Midnight Sun yet? If you want, please share some of your most vivid memories from reading Twilight for the first time in the comment section...


  1. Právě dočítám Midnight sun a pak se nejspíš chystám na re-reading Twilight. Je to zvláštní, ale vidím v tom úplně něco jiného než kdysi. Možná to není tak divné, jsem starší než hlavní hrdinové. A chápu všechnu tu kritiku celého vztahu, že Bella je hloupá a Edward abusive a tak... ale zároveň pro to svým způsobem dokážu najít pochopení, pro to, jak se chovají, jací oba jsou. No, jsem zvědavá, jak to ohodnotím.. :D

    Hezké čtení přeji. :)


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