Pride & Prejudice with Handwritten Letters from the Characters' Correspondence

Hello dear Janeites,

today I am here to write a few words about this exquisite edition of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen currated by Barbara Hellen. I pre-ordered it back in August when I fortuitously found out about it on the internet, and I finally received it this morning. It's not like I need to grow my Jane Austen collection as it's quite enormous as it is. But I had to make an exception for this version of P&P for the absolutely brilliant and unique idea of incorporating handwritten letters that accompany the story. It's such a simple yet wonderful concept. I would've never thought of it myslef but, holding the letters from my beloved characters in my hands now, I feel like it's all I ever wanted. I've been craving a re-read recently as it has been two years since I read Pride and Prejudice, so now I have a perfect excuse to finally do it. The book is absolutely stunning on the outside as well as on the inside, and I cannot wait to experience the story in this format. I can tell from the introduction alone that it is a book put together with an immense love and attention to detail that will delight all fans of Jane Austen as well as stationery enthusiasts. This book is not only a holder of one of the most famous literary works, its also an object of art to be displayed and treasured for the lifetime...